Co-edited by Brian Cogan, Ph.D. and Dr. Tony Kelso, Ph. D., with essays by them as well as other scholars, this book examines the Baby Boomers, the generation that changed everything, from economics and politics, to popular culture. It explores the long-reaching consequences of the now fully "grown up" Baby Boomer generation on America. The book presents accessible but rigorous, scholarly analysis from a broad range of experts in multiple fields and spotlights the ways in which pop culture at large has responded (or not) to the Boomers' influence or example.

Brian Cogan's essay for the book is entitled,  "After Life, the Magazine, the Splintering of the Categories: Boomers as a Target Audience" (including "Mau-Mau-ing the Press: The Rise of 'New' Journalism," "Rolling Stone: The Magazine That Marked a Generation," and "Tom Wolfe, Gay Talese, and the 'New Journalism' as Literature").